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VISION Membership

Your one-stop Australian real estate investment service, safeguarding your wealth journey with our knowledge and research capabilities.

Whether you are an overseas investor, a new immigrant, a business owner, a professional, or a salaried worker, we understand your aim to achieve your future wealth goals through real estate investment. By analysing your financial situation and future financial goals, we will create a tailored real estate investment plan for you. Supported by mortgage planning, tax planning, wealth consulting, and legal assistance, we accompany your property investment journey for the next 10 to 15 years. VISION Membership is ideal for those with limited time who wish to have a professional team by their side to manage a well-balanced Australian property investment portfolio. If you want comprehensive support for your property investment, including property research, mortgage planning, legal assistance, accounting service, and wealth consulting, from an entire team of professionals, joining VISION Membership is your ultimate solution.


  • Tailor-made long-term Australian property investment strategy plan, 

  • Unique loan structure to maximise your borrowing capacity, 

  • Researching Australia-wide quality investment-grade properties that fit your plan,

  • Seamless collaboration with solicitors, accountants, financial planners and mortgage brokers, 

  • Assisting to manage non-profitable properties and replace them with high-return investment properties,

  • Property management and re-sale services,

  • Annual review of your property investment portfolio

VISION Membership brochure

Discovery Session

To understand VISION Membership in detail, please book a "Discovery Session" ZOOM meeting with our qualified Property Investment Strategist.

The Discovery Session is only for those who want to understand the VISION Membership in depth before joining. Other topics, including investment advice, job seeking, socialising, inquiring about industry information, asking about specific property listings, etc., are not within the scope of the Discovery Session. Our Property Investment Strategists' time and effort deserve respect. If you book the Discovery Session for other reasons, we will have to end the meeting halfway through the Zoom call. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. - VPI Team

2023 Sydney Property Expo Registration

Please register your email address and contact details to receive a bonus Australian property investment report and a free 30-minute property investment strategy session.


Please fill in your detail


Please note the strategy session is part of our VISION Membership services which costs $3,300. Since you came to the Expo and registered your name with us, we will make a 1-time offer of a free 30-minute session with our qualified property investment strategist. The meeting will be conducted via a ZOOM call. Our staff will be in touch after the Expo to schedule a time with you.

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