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澳房策(及其出版物包含澳洲房产投资或者房产本身的信息。这些信息来源于可信渠道, 并不是投资建议, 也不应该被视为投资建议。您不可以用本网站和出版物提供的信息来代替专业的法律, 会计, 金融和投资等专业人士的意见。如果有具体的法律, 会计, 金融和投资方面的问题, 您应该咨询相关领域的专业人士。在适用法律允许的最大范围内, 我们对网站和出版物中的信息免除责任。同时我们不保证网站和出版物中的信息的准确性。使用本网站, 购买课程和服务即视为同意以上所有条款。


Disclaimer website and its publication contain information about property investment or the property itself. The information is acquired from trusted sources and is not advice and should not be treated as such. You must not rely on the information on the website and or in the publication as an alternative to legal, financial, taxation, and accountancy advice from an appropriately qualified professional. If you have any specific questions about any legal, financial, tax, or accountancy matter, you should consult an appropriately qualified professional. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we exclude all representations, warranties, undertakings, and guarantees relating to the content on the website and in the publication. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, we do not represent, warrant, undertake or guarantee that the information on the website and or in the publication is correct, accurate, complete, or non-misleading; that the use of the guidance on the website and or in the publication will lead to any particular outcome or result; or in particular, that by using the information on the website and or the guidance in the publication you will receive investment return.

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