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澳房策/艾财说/展望培训/展望教育, 所有课程内容, 包括视频, 音频, 文稿, PDF, 商标, 肖像等等, 均属于澳大利亚公司 Vision Tower Pty Ltd (ABN 44 168 776 083) 财产, 受到澳大利亚法律保护。未经许可, 任何人不得下载, 转录, 保存, 修改, 分享, 发布任何课程内容。我们的法律团队定期对中国和澳洲各大视频网站, 网盘, 种子, 手机应用等等进行搜索。一旦发现侵权行为, 即刻通知侵权平台和个人, 并通过法律途径要求侵权平台或者个人对侵权行为做出赔偿。课程系统已经加入了账户行为记录功能, 包括澳房策速通课, 澳房策小白课, 澳房策大师课, 艾财百万个人品牌课,YouTube百万运营大师课等等所有课程。每个学生账户只能由一个学生学习。如果第二个学生登陆同一个账户学习, 我们将会在不做通知的情况下直接关闭该账户, 并通过法律途径要求第一个学生支付第二个学生的学费作为赔偿。


Terms & Conditions

Aofangce / iMoneytalk / Vision Training / Vision Education course content, including videos, audio, publications, PDFs, trademarks, portraits, etc., are the property of Vision Tower Pty Ltd (44 168 776 083)  and are protected by the Copyright Law. No one shall download, record, save, keep, modify, share, or publish any content without our permission.

Our legal team regularly conducts searches on major domestic and foreign video websites, cloud storage, mobile applications, etc. Once a copyright infringement is discovered, our legal team will immediately inform the infringing platform or individual and require compensation for the infringement through legal channels. We reserve the right to recover our cost and damage via court proceedings.

An account behaviour monitor system has been added to the course and membership portal. For all courses (memberships), one student (member) account should only be used by one student (member). If a second student (member) uses the same account, our monitor system will shut down the whole account without prior notice. No refund of any kind is applicable under this circumstance. Our legal team will then seek compensation from the first student (member).


澳房策/艾财说/展望培训/展望教育课程类产品享有24小时无理由退款保证。(注: 需同时满足课程进度不超过15%, 以课程后台统计数据为准, 并且是一次性支付。分期付款, 课程预售, 折扣课程, 特价课程, 以及非课程类产品不享受本退款保证)。购买课程24小时内请您发邮件到提出退款要求。很抱歉我们无法采纳包括微信在内的其他联系方式要求退款。接到邮件的10个工作日内我们会完成退款手续并且告知银行开始转账。退款时需要扣除银行手续费和公司手续费共计$89澳币。手续费为定额, 与课程价格和付款银行等因素无关。在银行开始转账后10个工作日内,您的款项会打回原付款方式。购买课程与服务视为同意以上条款。


Refund Guarantee


Aofangce / iMoneytalk / Vision Training / Vision Education course products enjoy a 24-hour no-reason refund guarantee. (Note: We require that the course progress not exceed 15%, based on the data statistics in our course backend, and that a one-time payment is made. This guarantee does not apply to installment payments, discounted courses and pre-sale courses). Within 24 hours of purchasing the course, please email to request a refund. We cannot accept refund requests through other contact methods, including WeChat and text messages. Within ten working days of receiving the email, we will complete the refund process and notify the bank to start the transfer. AUD$89 will be deducted as bank service charges and our service charges for the refund. The charge is a fixed amount, irrelevant to the course price and the bank used for payment. Within ten working days after the bank starts the transfer, your funds will be returned to the original payment method. Purchasing a course and services is considered an agreement to the above terms.

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