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澳房策(所有课程内容,包括视频,音频,文稿,PDF,商标,肖像等等,均属于Vision Tower Pty Ltd财产,受到法律保护。未经澳房策许可,任何人不得下载,录制,保存,修改,分享,发布澳房策任何课程内容。我们的法律团队定期对国内外各大视频网站,网盘,种子,手机应用等等进行搜索。一旦发现侵权行为,我们的团队即刻通知侵权平台和个人,并通过法律途径要求侵权平台或者个人对侵权行为做出赔偿。




Terms & Conditions

All course content, including videos, audios, publications, PDFs, trademarks, portraits, etc., are the property of Vision Tower Pty Ltd and are protected by the Copyright Law. Without written permission, no one shall download, record, save, keep, modify, share, or publish any content.

Our legal team regularly conducts searches on major domestic and foreign video websites, cloud storage, torrents, mobile applications, etc. Once a copyright infringement is discovered, our legal team will immediately inform the infringing platform or individual and requires compensation for the infringement through legal channels. We reserve the right to recover our cost and damage via court proceedings.

An account behavior monitor system has been added to the member portal. For all of the courses, one member account should only be used by one member. If a second member uses the same account, our monitor system will shut down the whole account without prior notice. Our legal team will then seek compensation from the first student.

Refund Policy

24 hours no reason refund policy applies to all online courses. (Please note you must complete less than 15% of the course and that the course was purchased with one-off payment to qualify). A refund request should be sent to within 24 hours of purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot accept a refund request via any other communication channel. Within 10 business days after receiving the request, we will complete the process and instruct the bank to payout. An administration cost of 5% - 10%, depending on your bank, will be deducted and the remainder will be paid to the same bank card used for the original payment within the next 10 business days. No refund policy applies to services, events, bookings and anything paid with instalments. Please read carefully before you purchase our products.

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